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Liberia Human Stories



“I believe it was the right choice to come back home. I feel good about coming home. The opportunities I have now would never have been available in a foreign country as a refugee.”

Dolo Town 1.jpg


“Carpentry has been a family trade for generations. Now it is my turn to establish my own wood workshop,” says 31-year-old Jakob from Dolo Town, a community neighboring a large rubber wood plantation run by a multinational corporation. Without access to employment, education or health care provided inside the plantation area, local residents often struggle to earn a living.

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Becoming self-reliant through skills development and motivating others to follow her lead. The 40-year-old single mother of five, Mami Joah, is an exceptional character in her community.



Terrance Ballah, 30, returned to Liberia after years in Sierra Leone. He is one of nearly 700 people who had 120 hours of entrepreneurship development training.

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