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Image by Eugene

17 February 2024

Project 220169, Lviv, Ukraine

UNIDO has formalized a contract with Instalimb, a Japanese company that specializes in prosthetics manufacturing through  use the use of 3D printing technology. This collaboration aims to enhance prosthetic manufacturing capabilities within Ukraine, leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve lives.


The contract includes acquiring two Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printers, laser scanners, and laptops. These tools are crucial for designing and manufacturing 3D printed sockets for lower limb prosthetics, marking a significant advancement in the field.


A key element of this partnership is the 2 months specialized training program scheduled to take place in Lviv, targeting 8 Ukrainian companies. The training will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to local manufacturers, enabling them to effectively employ 3D printing technology in prosthetics creation. Throughout the training 32 amputees will receive cutting-edge, 3D printed lower limb prosthetics, significantly enhancing their mobility and quality of life.


The introduction of 3D printing technology will not only enhance the capacity of local producers but also demonstrate the integration of technology transfer and innovative solutions in the local industries, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and the impact of technology-driven approaches for the Green Recovery of Ukraine.

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